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Please read this whole page (it might save you some time).

This is a New Website Log-in portal.
The site requires a new user registration process.
You can’t use password from old system.

You must enter in a
Display Name” (You may use your real name here.)
Username” (Your “username” must not be your real full name.)
Full Name” (Must be entered properly or it will not be accepted by Admin)

No spaces or periods(.) in your “username”.
Don’t use “” in your username or password.

All members must register by going to the link below.
“Register as a New User”

Once “verified” (may take a day), by admin you will be able to “log in” to the “Members Section” of the website.
I will need to verify your registration for approval if you enter all fields correctly. Once approved, an e-Mail will be send to you to indicate activation.


Once you are activated you may access the Sign-Ups and other data by logging in using your “Username” & “Password“.
You can’t login using your “Display Name”, (it’s only a display name).

Members LOGIN
(if registered & activated by Admin)

Thank you…
Don Hickey
Website Director