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Brian Tansy ATU 741 President

Brian Tansy
ATU 741 President

Transit Assaults: A Disturbing Trend
June 30th, 2016

Over the past year, over 50 operators at London Transit reported violence in the workplace incidents. Passengers as well suffer at the hands of aggressive, mean-spirited bullies on the bus.

Transit operators deal with the frustrations of traffic, construction, tight schedules, weather and unruly passengers yet are expected to drive safely and deliver passengers safely to their destination along the routes.

While a late bus, an out of service bus, a crowded bus or a bus that passes by those at stops are frustrating, it should never lead to violence, threats or dehumanizing comments directed at the operator or passengers. Many operators have been verbally abused because of a washroom stop.

Respect for others is a hallmark needed by operators and passengers alike. If you see an operator or passenger being assaulted, verbally harassed or abused, report it. You can become part of the solution.

Treat others on the bus with dignity and respect and we will all see a change for the better.

London Transit has a passenger banning process. Audio/Video equipment on the buses captures each incident. Those who choose to be abusive to other passengers, operators and equipment are not there to enhance the ride but to make the ride a misery for all; let’s have them removed from the buses for everyone’s safety.

Below are a few links where you can hear about assaults from the victims themselves.

Brian Tansy
ATU 741

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